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Some Slot News

Wednesday, January 19th, 2011

As the Borgata Poker Open starts up today, the casino seems to be in a giving mood if any poker players want to take a turn on the slots.

acw-wheel-of-fortune-slotsSunday, two players hit slot jackpots worth more than $4 million combined.

And if you think slots suck, consider that one guy won more than $3 million on a penny slot. Yes, a penny slot.

“This is one of those cases where lightening struck twice for two of our customers on the same day and with the same type of machine,” said Joe Lupo, Borgata’s senior vice president of operations. “We couldn’t be happier for our winners. We’ve always said that Borgata is a lucky place to play. I’m sure that these two customers would readily agree.”

According to the casino, both machines were “Wheel of Fortune”® models, manufactured by IGT, and feature progressive jackpots that are linked to multiple properties.

The biggest jackpot came on a one-cent “Wheel of Fortune Special Edition” machine and paid $3,491,146.57 which ranks it among the biggest penny jackpots in Atlantic City. The last time that the one cent Wheel of Fortune progressive jackpot hit in Atlantic City was in May of 2008.

The second jackpot came a bit later on the same day on a 50-cent “Wheel of Fortune” machine and paid $700,161.82.

Both winners are from New York, and each chose to remain anonymous.

So luck is in the air at The Borgata.