Monday Poker Headlines

The Harrah’s combined bad beat jackpot survived the weekend and was sitting at just under $430,000 going into Monday’s play. The current minimum bad beat hand for the jackpot is quad fives and will drop to quad fours on Wednesday if the jackpot doesn’t hit.

The jackpot splits 50 percent of the money with all cash game players at any Harrah’s room — Harrah’s Resort, Caesars, Bally’s, Showboat — when it hits.



Meanwhile, Doyle Brunson has been having some fun with his Twitter account, conducting a series of polls about his fellow pros that have come up with some shocking results.

For example, the most hated poker player in the world — Phil Helmuth.

Who’d have thunk it?

And the female player most men would like to have sex with — Shannon Elizabeth.

Wow,  did not see that one coming.

OK, it’s not that shocking, but it’s still kind of fun.

Helmuth  actually beat out Russ Hamilton of the Ultimate Bet poker swindle and Tony G., front man for Party Poker.

Normally Helmuth would probably be pretty happy about this, except the actual category was “poker player you most want to kill,” so maybe not.



Brunson also asked his 355,000 Twitter followers the sex question and our personal favorite (guess who’s picture we decided to use), Shannon Elizabeth won, beating out Vanessa Rousso and Jennifer Tilly. Tilly, however, got a special nod for getting votes from both men and women.

Elizabeth replied “Uhm … thanks,” to Brunson

Rousso and Tilly then reportedly flirted with each other on Twitter so … well, we need a glass of water.

Among the guys on the sex thing, Gus Hansen came in first, followed by Patrik Antonius and Phil Ivey. Whatever.

And just to round things out, in the category of poker pros that fans would most like to hang out with, the winners were Phil Laak, Gavin Smith and Daniel Negreanu.

You can check out the posts here.

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