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Allen Checks In

Thursday, August 20th, 2009

As the big-haired half of the famed Allen & Rossi comedy act, Marty Allen is probably still a household name among those old enough to remember when standup routines did not get more risqué than this: “If a guy talks dirty to a girl it’s sexual harassment. If a girl talks dirty to a guy it’s $3.99 a minute.” Allen, now 87 but still performing standup, recently checked in with AC Weekly publisher Lew Steiner, whom he got to know through regular standup acts in A.C. casinos over the years. Perhaps known best for perpetual appearances on the Hollywood Squares, the Ed Sullivan Show and for his catch phrase “Hello Dere,” Allen and his current partner, pianist-singer Karon Kate Blackwell — also his wife of 25 years, completed a series of shows at nightclubs in New York and New Jersey earlier this month before setting sail from New York City on Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. “We’re favorites with the cruise lines,” Allen tells Steiner in a hand-written letter (who still does that these days?) following their recent phone conversation. “We work clean and have an act that entertains and never offends.” Generally, according to a glowing review in the Las Vegas Sun that Allen included with the letter, Blackwell opens their show with her golden voice before serving as a sort of straight man for Allen when he does his standup. An excerpt from the article notes: “What a contrast. Blackwell: tall, shapely, groomed. Allen: short, shapeless, perpetually disheveled and still sporting the trademark haircut that apparently was inspired by contact with an electrical outlet when he was a young man.” According to Allen’s Web site, the couple will be performing on different Royal Caribbean Cruise Line ships from last September through mid-December. If you plan to take to the high seas soon, maybe you can check them out. (more…)