Bally’s Announced $5.6 Million Renovation

BallyWebBally’s Atlantic City has decided it needed some sprucing up and has announced a renovation plan for their casino floor to begin on Tuesday, Oct. 15.  The four-month-long renovation project will transform the look and feel of the casino floor at Bally’s, at a cost of $5.6 million. The renovations will be completed in three phases and last until mid-February.

“We’re creating a whole new look and feel to our casino floor at Bally’s,” said Kevin Ortzman, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Bally’s, Caesars, and Showboat Atlantic City. “These renovations will provide us with the opportunity to elevate our guests’ entire experience to unprecedented levels, thereby enhancing the allurement and essence of this true Atlantic City landmark.”

Here are the announced renovation highlights:

•  New well-appointed carpet, with designated walkways
•  Painted walls, covered pillars and distinctive coverings for the mirrored catwalks
•  Completely new casino floor layout
•  Gaming pits in different locations so they adorn the pathways to generate more on-floor excitement
•  Every slot machine will be positioned in a new color coded location
•  State-of-the-art, custom slot signage – absolutely every sign will be brand new
• All-new, plush chairs at table games and slots as well as new slot bases

Bally’s internal team formulated the conceptual work of casino floor, while the architecture and design specifics came from the Las Vegas based casino, and entertainment company the Friedmutter Group, and 35 year fabrication technique experts, E-Gads, created the slot area signage.

This marks the first major renovation for the property since the complete room overhaul to their Dennis Tower in 2008.


2 Responses to “Bally’s Announced $5.6 Million Renovation”

  1. Thatmanbolt Says:

    Cheap as usual,they spend more in Vegas. These casinos do the same thing every few years, slap down some new carpet like its a big deal! Just sell the dump and let people with real money fix it up! Whatever, this city is screwed anyway!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    they have already stated to renovate the bathroms…what was once a handicapped bathroom with a raised toilet is now unacceptable for someone in a wheelchair…

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