Margate’s Red Klotz Subject of New Book

red_klotz_ac_weekly_coverAlthough he may have the most losses in the history of pro basketball, Margate’s Louis “Red” Klotz, who Atlantic City Weekly profiled in a 2006 cover story, has a lot of supporters trying to get the 91-year-old Jersey Shore resident into the Basketball Hall of Fame.

Yes, he lost 10,000 games against the Harlem Globetrotters as coach (and players) for the Washington Generals, but he also won most of the games he played as a young man in South Philadelphia, where he played for the South Philadelphia Hebrew Association (SPHAS), going on to play for Philadelphia’s Villanova, where he won an American Basketball League championship.

Klotz is the subject of a new book, out April 26, targeted at young readers called Homecourt: The True Story of the Best Basketball Team You’ve Never Heard Of.

The 72-page book features a foreword by Harlem Globetrotters legend “Curly” Neal and is being distributed by Temple University Press for the New City Community Press.

There are several blogs and Web sites supporting Red Klotz’s entrance into the HOF. One particularly interesting blog post, written by NBC Sports national columnist Joe Posnanski in February of this year, features a link to what he describes as “one of my favorite ever stories,” a piece Posnanski previously wrote on Klotz.


The new book sounds great, Klotz’s story is incredible and, as a book for young readers, the underlying message that “everybody wins” in sports couldn’t be more important in today’s mad world. — JS

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