MY Favorite TV Shows … at the Moment

Michael Cudlitz in Southland.

Michael Cudlitz in Southland.

Television quality these days is so extreme that people might not be shocked that I am a big fan of both Downton Abbey (which just ended it way-too-short third season on PBS) and The Walking Dead, airing against each other on Sunday nights. Of course now that DA has ended its run I won’t have to DVR Dead.

So, while I’m waiting for Revolution to return to NBC (BTW, whose brilliant idea was it to put a show looking to find that Lost audience on a four month hiatus WTF!), here are my favorite TV shows of the moment. Yo, NBC, what are you thinking with the fall finale crap? I’ve been waiting for Grimm to return since Nov. 16, too.

Aside: While I’ve been waiting for some of my favorites to return, I’ve been streaming Alias (2001-2005) on Netflix. It reminded me that it was not that long ago a TV season of a popular show ran for 24 episodes instead of in six or seven episode chunks here and there. It is hard to tell these days if a show is cancelled or just on “hiatus.”

Where was I, ah yes, my favorite shows of the moment, in alphabetical order.

Arrow (Wednesday, 8pm, The CW)
Chicago Fire (Wednesday, 10pm, NBC)
The Good Wife (Sunday, 9pm, CBS)
Elementary (Thursday, CBS, 10pm)
Justified (Tuesday, 10pm, FX)
Person of Interest (Thursday, 9pm, CBS)
Nashville (Wednesday, 9pm, ABC
Scandal (Thursday, 10pm, ABC)
Southland (Wednesday, 10pm, TNT)
Suits (Thursday 10pm, USA)
The Walking Dead (Sunday, 9pm, AMC)
White Collar (Tuesday, 10pm, USA)

CBS's Person of Interest.

CBS's Person of Interest.

As you can see, my interests are all over the map. Arrow is a guilty pleasure, a super hero series designed for the CW younger demographic, that I find completely enjoyable. And yes, star Stephen Amell is very easy on the eyes. Chicago Fire reflects my love of everyday heroes (I was a big fan of Third Watch and all-too-briefly, Trauma). Yes, it is soapy, but I’m still watching.

The Good Wife hasn’t been great this season but with guest stars like Michael J. Fox and Julianne Margulies starring, I’m still involved. Elementary is one of few good new network shows with super chemistry between Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu. However, I’m still waiting for a character to say, “Your name is what?” It is weird to have Sherlock Holmes updated to modern times.

Justified is like a country story song come to life with a US Marshall mixing it up with hillbilly criminals based on an Elmore Leonard short story. Timothy Olyphant is fabulous as the very human lawman Marshall Raylan Givens.

Person of Interest remains one of the top network shows with its fascinating “Big Brother is watching” ambiance and our heroes, the brains (Lost’s Michael Emerson) and the muscle (Jim Caviezel), using our invasion of privacy for good works. Taraji P. Henson and Kevin Chapman are also fun as the cops pulled into the posse.

Nashville works thanks to a great bitch slap battle between Hayden Panettiere (Heroes) and Connie Britton (Friday Night Lights) as country music stars. That and the music make the soap opera aspects bearable. Scandal is a totally insane look inside politics that features a president who just murdered a Supreme Court Justice (she deserved it but just sayin’…), and a fabulous central performance by Kerry Washington as a Washington fixer whose own life is anything but “fixed.”

Southland just returned, a great and gritty cop show centered by the glorious work of Michael Cudlitz as a world weary beat cop and Regina King as a detective who is conflicted by her job and her new baby.

Suits has been a blast in its winter run, which ends this week with the finale. You’ll learn to love lawyers thanks to this sexy look at hardball politics in the work place.

The Walking Dead has been hit and miss during the second part of the season, but my gut tells me that it is working toward some exciting new areas in the world of the zombie apocalypse.

White Collar is still tons of fun as we watch straight arrow FBI man Peter Burke (Tim DeKay) join forces with career conman Neal Caffrey (Matt Bomer) to bring down other conmen. Willie Garson is a blast as Neal’s FBI-hating buddy.

Let me know what your favorites are … at the moment by leaving a comment.

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