Official Greeter and Co-Owner of Atlantic City Pet Hotel Passes Away

ATLANTIC CITY — Baby, beloved member of Scott and Jackie Winston’s family, and co-owner of A.C.’s only 24-hour pet hotel, Atlantic City Pet Hotel and Grooming, recently passed away at age 19.

Baby (pictured right) was a seven-pound Maltese. The A.C. Pet Hotel was established in the Chelsea Heights section of A.C. in 2006 so that Baby and his friends had a safe and loving environment to stay in when their caretakers went on trips and could not bring their pets along. The poem below was written as a tribute to Baby’s passing by Phyllis Popkin, the poet laureate of Charlottesville, Va.acPetHotel_1_8V_101812 new web address

Goodbye to Baby
Anyone seeing Baby had quite a treat,
for this seven-pound pooch was always so sweet!
For 19 years, he gave everyone pleasure,
and joy is something that’s so hard to measure.
Even when he could not see or hear,
he’d cuddle in Mommy’s lap, and be aware when Daddy was near.
When his little body could no long cope,
he was “put to sleep” gently with one great hope:
That he’d fly quickly to heaven and be greeted with bells ringing —
For once again he’ll be able to hear and enjoy the angels’ singing!
All the best, Baby, we’ll love you forever …
Phyllis Popkin


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