Hump Day Report: Cynthia Rothrock at Trop

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Thanks to the late Dennis Gomes, who while a chief executive at Tropicana turned the casino into a martial arts friendly venue because of his own interest in the sport, Tropicana has remained a popular location for major MA events.

This Friday (Jan. 25) Lou Neglia’s popular Ring of Combat fight card takes place at the Trop, a show that was postponed in November because of Hurricane Sandy. But thanks to the new date, the event is taking place the same weekend as the Action Martial Arts Magazine’s Hall of Honors event, a trade show featuring demonstrations and seminars. I was blown away when I found out that one of the seminar participants is Cynthia Rothrock.

The female Bruce Lee.

The female Bruce Lee.

Never heard of her? I hadn’t either until I rented my first Rothrock video and found out she was a superb martial arts heroine who starred in 43 action movies. Rothrock, born in Wilmington, Del., has been called the “female Bruce Lee.”  Her trademark move is a scorpion kick, an overhead kick from back to front (like the strike of a scorpion’s stinger) that is awesome to behold.

She was so good she became the rare Caucasian to become a martial arts movie star in Hong Kong, where she made seven movies in the 1980s. That success allowed her to come back to the States and become a star of low budget martial arts films here including China O’Brien, Rage and Honor, Martial Law, Lady Dragon, Blonde Fury and Outside the Law.

She is a five-time World Karate Champion in forms and weapons and is currently a martial arts instructor at her own martial arts studio in Studio City, Cal. Although she retired from acting after the 2004 film Xtreme Fighter, the Internet Movie Data Base has her listed as being in several upcoming movies including Badass Showdown, Double Fury, Rogue Space: the Adventures of Saber Raine and A Fighting Chance, the latter with Martin Landau.

On Saturday at the Hall of Honor Event, Rothrock will sign autographs and do a karate seminar. Also scheduled to appear at the event are Don “The Dragon” Wilson, Bill “Superfoot” Wallace and Kevin Sabo of Hercules fame.

Check her out in action.

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