V-Day Vows at Boardwalk Hall

ringsAt most weddings, the “I do’s” are quiet. However, on Valentine’s Day, when around 200 couples say “I do” in unison at Boardwalk Hall, the sound will likely reach the rafters of the Adrian Phillips Ballroom.

The Atlantic City Convention & Visitors Authority will host the 6th annual Valentine’s Day Group Wedding, Vow Renewal and Civil Union Ceremony at Boardwalk Hall on Thursday, Feb. 14, 2pm.

“Over 200 couples have celebrated their special day with us on Valentine’s Day over the past 5 years,” said Jeff Vasser, president of the ACCVA. “Couples return again each year to renew this special tie with each other and with Atlantic City.”

The ceremony is free for all couples and their guests. The event will include a champagne toast, wedding cake and photo opportunities. Jeff George, Cruisn’ One captain and wedding official, will perform the non-denominational ceremony.

Couples must pre-register for the Group Wedding event at Boardwalk Hall through the Atlantic City Convention & Visitors Authority’s official website beginning today, Wednesday, Jan. 2. Couples should register by Sunday, Feb. 10, 2013.

The website features event information and special hotel rates and packages will be available for couples and their guests. All couples interested in getting married or united at the event must obtain their own marriage or civil union license. Couples must have a New Jersey license to get married in this ceremony.

Couples can call their local vital statistics department for complete details. There is a three-day waiting period in the state of New Jersey for a marriage license. Vow Renewals do not need licenses. For additional details, call 449-7126.


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