Ventnor Man Gets Lucky with Lemon Drop at Borgata’s Racebook

Howard Horner, of Ventnor, took a big risk at the Borgata Racebook’s Handicapping Tournament by putting all his money on a couple of long-shot horses in hopes that the underdogs would prevail.

With Horner’s big risk came a big reward when Lemon Songs came out on top against the 57 to 1 odds facing him, winning the 33-year-old local a total of $11,737.50 in cash and prizes, including a trip to The Orleans Casino in Las Vegas and entry into Coast Casinos Horse Player World Series Handicap Tournament on Feb. 21-23 (with a $270,000 first-place prize).

His luck started back in July when Horner won an almost unbelievable 40 to 1 bet at Borgata’s first handicapping tournament series.

“It is such a thrill to win a tournament of this caliber,” Horner said after winning the tournament championship, which concluded Saturday, Dec. 1.

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— Casey Harper

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