Neil Young Interview on Borgata Sandy Benefit Concert

Neil-Young has a Q&A with Neil Young about his special Sandy relief benefit concert at the Borgata in Atlantic City on Thursday night, Dec. 6, which will also include Trey Anastasio and the band Everest.

Some of the choice quotes from Young in the interview:

I’ve been playing this area for years and years and got a lot of a support here over the years, and I noticed that there are things going on and things to support it, but the news media has basically moved on, which is typical. A very short attention span. They’re more interested in what their definition of news is. There’s a lot more to news than what happened in the last 15 minutes. There are repercussions from what happened with Hurricane Sandy. There are reasons why it happened and there’s the people who’ve had their whole lives in a state of upheaval from this thing and we’re just trying to focus on the fact that that exists, that that has all happened, and have people actually see what’s going on. That’s what this is about. To bring light to what’s going on.

Well, the only thing I’m doing is the show in Atlantic City. I don’t know how to explain it other than it’s a show in Atlantic City and all the money that comes into the show and all the money from the income associated with the show all goes to the Red Cross. The show is situated right down in the area where the damage was, and still is, and the idea is not to forget about it.

These are real people — this isn’t a television show. There’s nothing wrong with the television show but I’m personally not crazy about television shows. I’d rather see people there and talk to people like you and talk to other people and bring awareness to it in other ways. We need to get footage of what it looks like today on television instead of the Kardashians. [Editor's note: Neil pronounced this Kar-day-shians, which is awesome]

Read full interview here.

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  1. Johnnyg63 Says:

    Concert was great !!!!!!!!! felt like it was 1970.
    Neil is the MAN !!!!!!!!!

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