Covered: Langford and Christie’s War of Words

“Imagine the message that could have been sent had the governor walked the boardwalk with the president. It would have sent the message that the boardwalk was not destroyed, that the city is intact, and that we’re open for business.” — Atlantic City Mayor Lorenzo Langford in 11/15/12 Philadelphia Daily News cover story.


The Philly Daily News has Atlantic City Mayor Lorenzo Langford and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie on today’s (Thursday, Nov. 15, 2012) cover.

The story is related to the strained relationship between the mayor and the governor and how Langford, according to the article, suggests that Christie urged President Barack Obama to skip touring Hurricane Sandy-devastated Atlantic City on Oct. 31 and instead tour areas along the Jersey shore to the north, including the city’s neighbor, Brigantine.

In addition to the quote from the mayor above, in the article, Langford tells the Daily News: “The White House called and said they were coming to Atlantic City, and I think the governor changed that and decided to go to Brigantine instead. … That shows how petty he is, number one. And racially insensitive, number two. And politically myopic, number three.”

In the days after Christie lashed out at Langford for not adhering to his order to evacuate Atlantic City before Sandy made landfall — at a late October televised press conference related to the hurricane — Langford fought back on national TV, including appearances on CNN and NBC’s Today show (click here to see video).

The international media picked up and continues to follow the story. As today’s Daily News cover illustrates, it’s a feud and story that continues to be newspaper cover worthy — even in another state.

Langford has had several problems with the governor over the past few years (read AC Weekly’s interview with the mayor from earlier this year here).

Some think the two elected officials should work together, communicate better and put their past disputes behind them for the betterment of Atlantic City and the future of the resort, which has been targeted by Christie — through legislation — for a facelift and the creation of a new “Tourism District.”

Atlantic City officials and related parties have been pushing for more “non-gaming entertainment” in Atlantic City to attract new visitors. Here’s an idea. How about an open-to-the-public discussion between Christie and Langford? It could be held at a variety of venues in the area, from Dante Hall and Stockton to Kennedy Plaza come spring.

It would certainly attract a lot of media attention and attendees.

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