‘Livin de Life’ Tracker, Week 2: 650,641 YouTube Hits

asamuels_livin_video_2_blog_460ATLANTIC CITY — If you are not familiar with the viral video hit for the rap song “Livin de Life,” credited to A. Samuels, a 55-year-old Tropicana casino host from Atlantic City whose real name is Allen Samuels, than you must be living under a rock.

Since the video, produced by Stockton College student and videographer/photographer Frank Weiss, hit YouTube about two weeks ago, it has been a monstrous Net success, garnering hundreds of thousands of views (it’s up to 650,641 YouTube hits as of 3:30pm EST on Monday, Aug. 22) and tons of media coverage from ABC and Fox News to The Huffington Post, Atlantic City Weekly, and Salon.com.

Be the 650, 642nd to watch the four-minute video here.

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