Ray Davies, at Borgata Friday, Working with New Jersey Rockers

acw_200_acw_raydaviesApparently the ex-Kinks member and legendary Brit singer-songwriter Ray Davies is working on a new album of Kinks classics with special guests dueting with Davies. These guests include a couple of little known NJ rockers, Bruce Springsteen and Jon Bon Jovi.

Davies, who kicks off an acoustic tour at the Borgata in Atlantic City Friday night, says he hopes to have the album done by year’s end.

According to an interview Davies did with the NJ Star Ledger, he is open for a Kinks reunion, but says it’s up to his brother Dave Davies.

Says Davies about his younger bro, “Mick Avory and I are going through lots of tapes that we recorded with Dave, and we’re sifting through the archives. We’ll see if he wants to get involved again. It’s in the works. It’s really up to Dave.”

45 Responses to “Ray Davies, at Borgata Friday, Working with New Jersey Rockers”

  1. Dave Davies Says:

    If Ray replies to my emails and addresses the outstanding business and creative issues we have then anything is possible- it is very much up to Ray -
    The old tapes are out takes of earlier Kinks albums-RD is thinking of repackaging- and recently he rarely consults me on these issues also – There are NO new recordings of Kinks material-

    Dave Davies – The Kinks

    check out Dave Davied Kronikles – Mystical Journey -

  2. Simon Says:

    17 years since the last Kinks album of all new songs, 14 years since the last Kinks concert.

    17 years is a long hiatus. Come on you two – resolve these outstanding issues, book some studio time, get together now and make another great Kinks album…please!

  3. Neon Sign Says:

    Ray, Come on, make some concessions. Dave’s worth it!!

  4. victoria7 Says:

    No matter who Ray uses to back him up – choirs, fill in guitarists or “special guests” – they all fall short of Dave Davies brilliant guitar playing, vocals and songwriting. Dave Davis IS the sound of The Kinks. Ray, stop messing around with rehashing the beautiful legacy of Kinks songs – no one can top them the way they were written, performed and recorded – even you’ve said that. It’s long over due to “Give the People What They Want!” The brilliant and never to be duplicated Davies Brothers! The mixture of the guitars, voices and creative genuis of these two is magic and unrivaled. Ray – stop blaming and putting down Dave – it’s really getting old. Put the “special guests” album on hold and get together with Dave and knock out another Kinks Klassic, asap! FYI…No one wants to hear those other people with you – they want to hear you and Dave Davies. I speak for all of Kinkdom on this. GOD SAVE (and thank you to) The DAVIES BROTHERS! May the sun shine forever on their Kinkdom.

  5. Jana Richards Says:

    Thanks for clarifying the real deal, Dave. Ray keeps saying the same things over and over again about a Kinks reunion, blaming you for not wanting to “get involved”, so I’m glad you’ve taken the opportunity to clarify.

  6. groovyhassle Says:

    reading between the lines, for what such speculation is worth, it seems like a money problem between them. if RD can afford it, he ought to toss him a few bob and get on with it. the endless build-up is reaching a crescendo already. if they’re not careful, the moment may pass them by.

  7. Dr. Syn Says:

    love how everyone somehow believes dave on this one ……. they both have issues to work on!!

  8. Hannah Says:

    Hey Dave,
    With all your preachings of peace and love why don’t you shed some of that light on your brother and the Kinks. It’s obvious that the two of you have some “unfinished business” so why don’t you practice what you continuously preach.
    Forgiveness is an easy word to throw around but it’s loses it’s meaning when the person talking the talk won’t listen to himself.
    Get Kate out of your ear and let’s rock!

  9. Indillion Says:

    Ray has jumped the shark working with bland mainstream bores like Springsteen and Bon Jovi, I’m embarrassed by this.
    As a kid, I used to think all you touched was gold.. I’m an adult now and the clock is ticking for one last Kinks record.

  10. john Says:

    I guess I am in a minority not to be desparately hoping for a Kinks reunion. Such reunions have always been a disappointment in the end. And then, apart from the fact that I did not find the final few original Kinks albums all that exciting (and that includes whatever originality would still be there in the interaction between Ray and Dave), look also how far apart the musical interests between the two have grown.
    Let’s instead enjoy the new musical avenues that Ray for one is exploring and leave this craving for a reunion alone, particularly if this gives lead to at least one of the brothers going very public in a very negative way about the brother. And business differences, financial settlements etc. are really none of our business and certainly interests me zilch.

  11. Jay Rogers Says:

    It sounds like both sides either want to do it, or at least one side really wants fans to THINK he wants to do it and is playing mind games with everyone else.

    If both sides want to do it, then it’s not rocket science.

    Look … There are THREE Kinks bands made up of former members that have all toured in the past ten years. How ridiculous.

    They all play some of the same songs. How hard is it to get them all on one stage?

    The window of time is shrinking. Do we want to see a Kinks reunion when these two are 67 and 70 years old??

    The time is this year. (I say that praying for Dave’s health.)

    Both sides have to learn some humility. Do it for the fans. We will be humble too and fill the venue with our appreciation.

  12. Bill Docherty Says:

    So often over the years, the KINKS have very clearly distinguished themselves as unique! They are truly now getting the kudos they deserve. This \fued\ if you will is so rock n roll….almost commonplace.

    What happened to \I’m not like everybody else\ and \One of the Survivors\

    Instead the Kinks are being \Predictable\ in this \complicated life\. Both of them need to \Act Nice and Gentle\ and \Better Things\ will come everyones way.

    Nevermind the \Definate Maybes\ and just \Do it Again\ already

  13. Elliott Peters Says:

    Did the World really need a singalongaRay album with a choir? No. That album did absolutely NOTHING to those songs or the legacy except perhaps, make Ray feel good about himself onstage. Does the World really need a Ray plus famous special guests album again doing the old songs? For heavens sake, NO. Lousy idea. Talk about coasting by numbers. It’s an embarrassment – goes against everything Ray once stood for. Ray was always an outsider looking in so to learn he’s licking Springsteens’ butt is profoundly depressing.

    I love Ray… he’s an amazing talent but I’m very tired with his constant rehashing of The Kinks catalogue without Dave. “It’s up to Dave” so Ray keeps saying and hes been saying it for several years now it’s virtually become a mantra. Should the answer actually be “It’s up to me because I won’t give in to some of the things that Dave wants”?

  14. Pete Strange Says:

    I must admit that when I heard that Ray was doing a duets album sometime ago I was really excited by the prospect especially when I heard he was planning to work with Lucinda Williams and other cult status artists. I also thought they were going to be new songs not re-hashes of old Kinks songs again (especially with the likes Of AOR star Jon Bon Jovi!!) . If Ray really wants to do Kinks songs then the only people he needs to work with again are Dave, Mick and Pete, then he can do new and old songs. I agree with with many of the other comments, its time to put differences apart and get on with a reunion whilst they still can and stop working with these main stream AOR rock artists. The Kinks and Ray in particular have been very important to me throughout my life since I first saw them in 1977 at The Rainbow. I criticise with a heavy heart.

  15. QueenBitch Says:

    I love both Ray and Dave. But really you two. Bury the hatchet. You’re not getting any younger. Don’t do it for the “fans”. Kiss and make up for both of you, that lingering anger is a cancer. Whatever spiritual beliefs you have, I’m sure all of them preach forgiveness and reconciliation.

    good luck

  16. tony spero Says:

    Ive been a major die hard kinksfan since 1965.and if i get to see them again in a reunion it would be a major dream completed….then ..im ready the lord can take me…..


  17. Moose Mijatovic Says:

    If the issue(s) preventing any future collaboration include pride and ego it’s time to put them aside and chalk it up to wisdom. If one last go together is feasible, you don’t want to be pissin’ your last and find you regret not bringing so much joy to such a loyal bunch as us. Might rub off on the two of you bleeders.

  18. dave summers Says:

    This is absolute bullshite! I am a major Kinks fan and have been since i first heard You really got me as a eight year old. Will i buy Rays bastardization of kinks classics with a choir? No. Will i buy More bastardizations of kinks classics this time with Jovi and Springsteen? I would rather insert a pineapple up my you know where! I love you Ray but we all know your ego is out of control! There is NO Kinks without Dave.
    So how about instead of F’ing up your own legacy and alienating your own hardcore fanbase you make some consessions and reunite the greatest band ever and make one last truely great record that will actually mean something!

  19. SPAZ Says:

    Im agreeing with some of the others. I love the KINKS ,been a fan since the 60s,but Ray singing with Bruce Springlips & Jon BOnJUvi is sickining. Make up with Dave & make a KINKS record .Dont step down to those assholes level.

  20. dannyshihtzu Says:

    I liked the choir album. I liked most of the songs on Rays solo albums. I didn’t like the last 3 Kinks albums. ‘UK Jive’ was terrible and ‘Phobia’ was worse. Daves non-live solo albums over the last 10 years have been embarrasing. I think a Kinks reunion is a bad idea. It would be very sad if Dave was not fully recovered. It’s sad his tour was cancelled; most likely because of poor ticket sales. Ray has been reduced to playing to 500 people. Face it, they have little or no audience. I can see reunion shows in NYC, London, Los Angeles, Boston and a few other places that have very large populations. Dave and Ray have been playing this reunion game for years; Ray does it for publicity and Dave has been consistently against it. I have no doubt that Ray owes Dave a lot more than he has gotten over the years; after his input was sidelined in 1966 and he was shoved into the background for all of those years until ‘Schoolboys In Disgrace’ I can certainly see his point. Ray is rich. Dave has been selling his guitars on eBay. That is simply wrong and very, very sad. I can’t blame Dave. I can only wish him peace of mind and a comfortable life. He an underdog among underdogs. God Bless Him!

  21. Johnathan Says:

    I agree with the majority of the takes on this sad feud. The hardest thing to confront is Ray’s collaborations with these over-rated losers like the “Boss” and Bon Jovi. I feel sick writing their names in relation to anything Kinks/Davies. Ray is a bit lost on this one I’m afraid. I can understand working with Damon Albarn, Paul Weller… even Pete Townsend. If he enlists Maroon 5 or Green Day, I will have to do the dutch! I saw the choral show in SF and LA. They were breathtaking. A definite musical triumph! However, the choral album is weak compared to the live experience. I agree with the earlier comment that maybe we all just need to accept is that these two genius brothers have already given us a huge body of work to pleasure us with. That may be it. They are on a different path. Try to keep an open mind about their new work. Ray is amazing live and his solo material holds up pretty well against his incredible Kinks catalog. Brother relationships are very complicated. This is one of those dream rock reunions that probably won’t happen. Ray seems to be cold and calculating. Dave overly sensitive. They need to learn to work together like Mick and Keith. Keith always gets his 2 songs per album and his guitar riffs drive all the other songs on the record. Kink fans have to accept this reunion will never happen…especially with Pete Quaife. I feel bad saying it. I think I’ll listen to “Better Things”!

  22. Merv Says:

    Some of you people are ridiculous. I would of course love to have a new Kinks album over Ray’s collaboration album. But all these people complaining about Springsteen? Are you kidding me? Springsteen is amazing – he’s pretty much an American Ray Davies. I, for one, can’t wait to hear Ray and Bruce play together. It’s about time.

    Bon Jovi on the other hand… that is a pretty disappointing choice.

  23. Steve L Says:

    It seems clear to me that Ray really would like a reunion but pretty much on his own terms. That is how the Kinks worked most of the time and it was a successful formula. However, I can easily see how Dave would not be eager to enter into such an arrangement again at this point in his life/career. I don’t know what Dave has asked for, but how about co-writing credits on all new Kinks material? Dave’s contributions to Ray’s compositions have always been major. How about some real collaboration, like when Ray and Dave swapped lead vocals on “Look Through Any Doorway,” a Dave composition? It sounded great and was that so hard?

  24. Tom Cravens Says:

    I think Dave should make an open offer to negotiate a reunion. For example, on his website he could offer to participate in a Kinks reunion as long as Ray gives him co-writing credit on all new songs (or any other arrangement Dave may want). Then it will be obvious to all if Ray either doesn’t want to make any concessions, or goes back on any previous agreement when (and if) a new album surfaces.

  25. Pull MyCockoff Says:

    Screw Pete Quaife, the definitive Kinks bass player is Jim Rodford. If a reunion tour does happen, let it be Ray, Dave, Jim, Mick and Ian…bring along Bob Henrit to handle the hard drum parts.
    Let’s face it folks, we haven’t seen the kinks perform live in 15 years, we know Ray has gotten better with age, but Dave..not so much.
    Fractured Mindz is an embarrassing effort, it’s questionable if Dave can even perform at the level we’ve come to expect.

  26. Eagle 96.9 » Kinks Reunion? Who Are You Kidding? Says:

    [...] Kinks…but that it’s up to his younger brother Dave.  Dave writes in a message-board post on AtlanticCityWeekly.com…. “If Ray replies to my Emails and addresses the outstanding business and creative issues we [...]

  27. Gary Says:

    The insatiable public appetite for a Kinks reunion continues. How sad!! Ray ‘entertains’ the middle class, middle aged ‘toe tappers’ while Dave comes to terms with age related life conditions. Can you imagine the comparisons with previous Kinks gigs and how a reunion would look? A reality check for both Ray and Dave is long overdue otherwise fans should be thankful for what has gone and glad they were part of it! I hope tomorrow you find better things.

  28. Tony Jaras Says:

    I too have been a Kink since ‘Dedicated’ (forget Swinging London – the north was as dreary as hell in ‘66!).

    Look. Forget all this nonsense. One’s an old fellah now, and the other’s clearly still too ill to do pretty much anything. Old Father Time cannot be deceived I’m afraid. I’ve seen a few of Ray’s recent attempts at Lola on Youtube, and frankly, it’s all over for him, his voice has just gone.

    You wonder if McCartney’s going to still be up there doing it at 80, looking more and more like a melting photo of Ken Dodd. I reckon the best you can hope for as far as a Kinks reunion is concerned is a Brian Wilson-esque double cameo appearance with the Kast-Off Kinks, where both appear but are clearly the weakest links in the band.

  29. Tanya Says:

    In some ways, I’m glad I’m more of a Small Faces fan. They will remain happy, spirited young mods in my mind forever.

    Reunions ain’t necessarily what they’re cracked up to be. Enjoy your lives. And Ray, please be kind to your brother.

  30. Bill Docherty Says:

    I’m not sure what youtube videos Tony Jaras is watching but i can speak for live performances and his effort on WMC and OPL and Rays voice is in fact better than ever!!!Ive seen Ray in Toronto a couple times over the last 4 years and he still emits as much energy as he did when i seen him with the Kinks at Maple Leaf Gardens, Massey Hall, or Kingswood. No matter what they do the Kinks will always be the best band ever. Its no wonder John Lennon admitted envying and being jealous of Ray Davies and the KINKS.GSTK

  31. don Says:

    I have probably seen 25 of your solo concerts over the years. It is you who preserved the sound and feel of The Kinks. Would love to see you tour again and was disappointed that the recent run of shows were cancelled. I hope you are healthy enough to hit the road again at some point. NYC misses you-

  32. DJRickman Says:

    If Ray feels compelled to do some duets, he should at least pick a real talent like maybe Pete Townshend. But Springsteen? Bon Jovi? Yawn.

    I’ve seen The Kinks three times, Ray solo twice and Dave solo once. Come on, boys. Do it again!

  33. Rissa Says:

    Tony Jaras pretty much said it all. Also, I think Ray is a control freak doing what ever he it takes to push Dave’s buttons and get a reaction from him. I have been to many Kinks concerts and have also been to many of Dave’s solo concerts, and I have to say Dave is the power behind the Kinks. When is Ray going to realize that there will never be a Kinks reunion with out Dave. He can keep on recording the same old Kinks songs with other artists, but it will never work. The Kinks Choral Collection was a disaster. What is he going to do next Kinks music with Rap & Hip Hop artists. FYI: Ray’s show in Arizona is now buy one ticket and get one free. That is pretty bad!!!! GIVE IT UP RAY…DAVE DAVIES IS THE KINKS….STAY STRONG DAVE!

  34. ralph basile Says:

    We all know that every Kinks fan would love to see a \reunion\ whether it comes in the form of new recordings or live performances. True fans should stop criticizing and second guessing Ray’s decisions on what to record and with whom to record. We should be thankful he still has the desire to do it after all these years. His solo work has been great and his live shows as well. And we should be thankful that Dave’s health seems to be stable and he is able to record and hopefully soon perform. Whether or not the brothers can come to terms is entirely up to them. Let’s face it – part of The Kinks legacy is the love/hate relationship between the two. For their own sakes, let’s hope with maturity of years, the relationship becomes more about the love than the hate. The rest will take care of itself. That being said, I would like to point out to Ray & Dave that the sibling rivalry gets pretty pitiful when guys are in their 60’s. No offense. Time to mend fences!

  35. Lex Engel Says:

    You would think that after all these years, Ray would budge just a little on sharing a bit more of the spotlight. What’s wrong with Dave writing 5 songs for the new CD to go with Ray’s 5 song contribution? A bit old for this, aren’t we fellas? Let’s also throught a couple of songs to Mick Avory and really make things interesting!

  36. Craig Moore Says:

    \Other People’s Lives\ is a better record than most of the latter day Kinks albums. Having said that, we’d all love to see ‘THE KINKS’ but this is like begging for a Beatles reunion in the 70’s. What Ray, Dave, Mick & Pete did in the 60’s & the latter day band did in the early-mid 70’s can never be matched. It was lightning in a bottle. Sure it would be thrilling just to see Ray & Dave arm in arm on a stage. I saw the Who numerous times including several times when at the end of the show Pete just stomped off while ignoring Roger. When the magic night a few years ago finally took place that they hugged and grinned and waved to the crowd together, it was almost a religious experience. THAT’s what Kinks fans are dying to see. But the fact is, unless they get over themselves and GROW UP, and unless Ray takes Dave’s situation & contributions to HIS (Ray’s) ongoing career by virtue of those Kinks recordings that continue to pay Ray’s bills seriously, it will never happen. Read Dave’s book & listen to George Harrison’s \Sue Me Sue You Blues\ or John Lennon’s \Give Me Some Truth\ and face it. It’ll never happen. On a separate issue, a duets album with Springsteen & Bon Jovi just seems totally, utterly ridiculous and desperate. \I’m Not Like Everybody Else\ indeed.

  37. Mike Macek Says:

    For chrissakes Ray. He’s your brother. C’mon. Put it all aside and just do it for yourselves…not for us. Do it before it is too late.

  38. ralph basile Says:

    I for one would be grateful for a new Kinks album, even if it is just leftovers that were previously recorded but unreleased. Any new material would be greatly appreciated however! If Ray wants to do a duets album, why the nasty remarks. Just about every artist from his generation has done covers or duets because no radio station is interested in new music from old artists anymore, so the only way to sell records is to resort to what I call \gimmick’ records. Sometimes they are good, sometimes not so much. Ray has never let me down in all the years, and I will anxiously await this project like any other he has done. As far as Ray & Dave. Simply, Ray should recognize that Dave is largely responsible for the legendary SOUND of The Kinks, but Dave certainly must recognize that Ray’s SONGS are what made the band legendary! There is a reason Lennon & McCartney only alotted a certain amount of tracks to George even as talented as he was. There is a reason a Kinks album should only contain 1 or 2 Dave tracks! Think about it. Dave – the guitar genius and Ray – the songwriting genius. The way it’s meant to be.

  39. Ghost of Music Future Says:

    Ray, it’s time to “Give Your Brother What He Wants”, so you both can put together some songs, new and old, that showcase both of your musical genius once more. How many LP’s/CD’s now have you created together, that you produced and controlled? Your brother Dave sang and played his heart out to embellish your songs – he is the heart, soul and sound of The Kinks. You put your own songs before Dave’s to be released as singles in contracts and soaked up the spotlight. Now you and Mick Avory are going through tapes you’ve recorded with Dave to piece his sound into your mix without his input or additional live recordings. Isn’t it rather cold, kicking him to the curb like that – a “Powerman” move. Give into Dave’s requests once, Ray before you regret it. So much good can come from it. You’d be “Giving the People What They Want” and getting so much more in return. Mr. Dickens may be back to change your name from Ray to Ebeneezer. Create a collection of songs with Dave and make a video or two together before it’s too late. Your collaboration with Chrissie Hynde was great in Postcard from London. New music – not messing with The Kinks music that stands by itself. Please stop over recording it. GSTK!!!

  40. MICHAEL jONES Says:

    Are they the only complete sixties band that are all still very much alive & kicking,i suppose its all about the money now & we all know the band got screwed over when in there prime.
    I don,t blame them for hanging out till the best offer comes along,can,t imagine what the ticket prices would be like if it where to come together.

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